Tech company will implant payment chip into your hand

Instead of good news network carrying your wallet in your back pocket or purse, a tech company wants you to carry it under your skin.

The British-Polish company, Walletmor, is selling microchips as alternative payment options.

This chip is about the size of a grain of rice, costs about $300 and does not come inside a credit card. Instead, it must be implanted in your body, preferably in your hand.

Once you activate it using a digital wallet app, Walletmor says you will be able to make purchases at most businesses around the world just by swiping your hand over a card reader.

Right now, the chips are only being sold to citizens of the United Kingdom, Switzerland and countries in the European Union. good news network

According to Walletmor, almost 200 people already have the implants.

Walletmor suggests using a surgeon or one of its trusted specialists for the minor operation, but once the implant goes in, there are no refunds. good news network

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