Illuminate Your Garden with Landscape Lighting

Having a landscape lighting plan will help separate your home from the rest in the neighborhood. Not only will it create curb appeal that captivates, but it will enhance the security and safety of your house.

Curb Appeal

It should come as no surprise that outdoor lighting will boost the architectural beauty and landscape features of your home. If you are ever looking at selling your house, your landscape lighting scheme will strengthen the selling process and send immediate curb appeal to potential buyers.

Imagine holding an open house just before sunset with your landscape lighting turned on – your potential buyers will be instantly swept away by the dramatic and charming view of their potential ‘new home’. With the right amount of LED lights, something we will touch on later, you can create silhouettes of your landscape features such as statues, shrubbery and pathways.

Steal the Show

If the houses in your neighbourhood have outdoor lighting and yours doesn’t, it could have a serious negative impact on prospective buyers. In fact, it is likely to deliver the illusion that your home is below par compared to other homes in your area.

You want your home to steal the show. It’s very likely that your neighbours’ outdoor lighting systems are not set up with a professional landscape lighting system. Most homeowners settle upon the cheaper DIY path which includes solar or battery-operated techniques. You can easily steal the show in your neighbourhood by going with a professional lighting system.

Not Just For Stealing the Show

Landscape lighting isn’t just about embellishing your home’s beauty. Outdoor lighting serves other benefits than just improving your home’s aesthetic. When you position your lighting along pathways, driveways, stairs and entryways, it allows you and your guests to navigate safely around your property when it’s dark.

Plus, we can all agree that we prefer our properties to have increased safety and security. Well-lit gardens are a huge obstacle for trespassers. Illuminating your natural architecture gives your home the illusion that if the lights are on people must be at home. Additionally, by lighting up your exteriors you help to eliminate those dark spaces that intruders might use to hide in.

Renovate Your Landscape

Doing a renovation of your landscape requires a lot of planning. Firstly, you need to work with a landscape contractor to come up with a practical vision of your landscape design.

If you intend on working with a lighting company to tackle your outdoor lighting, it is a good idea to get in touch with them early in the game. That way, they can be involved in the planning process and schedule you in for when the time comes for your landscape lighting to begin.

When Should You Prepare For The Lighting To Start?

Even though you might liaise with a lighting company very early in the process, lighting will always take place once the landscaping has almost finished. Outdoor lighting does not need to be installed during the landscape construct stage. As it happens, it is helpful if the exterior lighting goes in last. This removes the likelihood of extra, unwanted work needing to be done.

More often than not, landscaping plans change between the initial concept design and final product. Imagine if a tree is removed from the initial design or placed elsewhere – this would impact on light wiring and this stage of the lighting project would need to be redone, creating a lot of unnecessary extra work. That’s why it makes sense for landscape lighting to go in last. It is designed to enhance and flaunt the finished landscaping product.

In the long run, installing outdoor lighting is far less intrusive than people may think. That’s why hiring a professional and specialized outdoor lighting company like AGM Electrical Supplies is the way to go and for so many reasons.

Where Should You Install Landscape Lighting Fixtures?

As you are aware, outdoor lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. Just like every tool in your toolbox, every lighting fixture has a job to do. This is where we take a look at the different areas of your garden and explore what lighting fixtures best suit those spaces.

Path Lights

We have all seen path lights in people’s gardens. This is because they are the most conspicuous fixture in any given outdoor lighting system.

AGM Electrical Supplies’ path light is one of the most popular of path lights. It consists of a ground stake, tall post and top hat. Its basic function is to do exactly what its name suggests – light up your pathway.

Our path light is ideal for illuminating your pathway, delivering safety and functional lighting. The beautiful pools of light gathering along your pathway are just an added bonus. Don’t position them across the whole garden though as this will detract from the overall lighting ambience.

Up Lights

Often referred to as spotlights, up lights can be placed in the ground and positioned upwards to emphasise architectural accents and trees. When you want to emphasise a tree’s structure, place the up light, such as our LED garden light, at the base of the trunk and direct it upwards. You may need to play around with the light to see which angle works best.

Wash Lights

A wash light is not much different to an up light. The only difference is between the direction they cast light. Wash lights are designed to cast wide beams of light, so they just wash light over the target.

Where would you place a wash light? There are plenty of places in your landscape where you might position a wash light. For example, if you want to enhance your home’s uniquely patterned wall you might use our LED cube up and down wall light.

Down Lights

Downlights are normally used to create subtle yet dramatic lighting effects. They are usually mounted up high in a tree or high up on a wall to cast light over a structure below. They are designed to deliver a magical soft moon light. Our LED wedge wall light is perfect for giving you this effect.

Last Words

The art of landscape lighting is a real passion of the AGM Electrical Supplies’ team. We design outdoor lighting systems tailored to your needs and vision. Our talented team of lighting designers and craftsmen bring you the best LED landscape lighting experience possible.

So, if you are looking to beautify your landscape with functional lighting, take the first step and contact us today.

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